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Title: DCS-2230 SD CARD Is Showing Up on Samsung Smart TV
Post by: Whs on April 09, 2012, 08:25:19 AM
I use my samsung smart tv d7000 to watch movies, pictures and listen to audio stored on an xp computer running serviio. Serviio is able accept requests from the TV and send streams to the TV using UPNP protocols tested to DLNA certification standards. The TV has an app called all-share which makes it DLNA compatible.

When my DCS-2230 is on I am able to connect to it using the TV and look in the directories of sd card (except its called mmc). I don't know how to make the camera put stuff in sd card so there was nothing to try and play.

The checkbox in the camera setup page for Enable UPNP presentation is checked.

UPNP protocols are used to show a directory, accept (music, photo, video) input, and provide (music photo, video) output, so I think the check box is important.

Has anyone else tried this?