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Title: Can DCS camera's be used as timelapse
Post by: JKROMME1 on March 08, 2012, 04:35:09 PM
I am rather new to this forum and I have my DCS-2230 cam complete working within one day,
my compliments for such a nice peace of technic, with so many possibilities. However I does
lack the function of timelapse, as far as I could see I didn't found it. With timelapse I mean
the possibility to record single video-frames at fixed time-intervals, for instance once per second
or once per minute.
Perhaps there should be a method to specify scheduling (in D-ViewCam software) in such a way,
that it effectively results in timelapse, but I don't see how. Has someone that sorted out?
Or should I go to use other cam-software or use special videosoftware that extracts
for instance every 25e videoframe?