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Title: New router, new camera issues.
Post by: soltek on February 24, 2012, 09:34:36 AM

I apologize if this topic is something that has been posted before.  I tried to do a search and it didn't seem like any other problems were exactly like mine.

I recently switched from an older Linksys Wireless-G router to a newer D-Link DIR-645 Wireless-N router.  I previously had two DCS-930L camera's fully functional on when I was on the Linksys.  I was able to connect to the camera directly AND online through myDLink.  However, after installing the router and using the reset buttons on the back of the cameras and going through setup again, I cannot get the cameras to stay connected.

Immediately after setting up the cameras (via the utility downloaded from DLink's website), I was able to view the cameras on myDLink as long as I didn't change the IP address on the camera (which I want to do to choose a static IP), or change the name of the camera (which allows me to more easily identify which one is having issues).  However, even if I left those values alone, in a short period of time I can no longer see the video from the cameras via myDLink.  The site will show that I have two cameras, but neither are connected.  The issue is, I can still directly connect to the cameras using their IP address (found via clients list on router).

I just want the cameras to work regularly again.  Is there anything special about the DIR-645 that I'm missing?  Again I apologize if this problem has already been resolved elsewhere.  If it has, I'd greatly appreciate being linked to the solution.

Thank you for any help and your time.