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Title: Dlink DCS-942L and DCS-1130L - via mydlink
Post by: mvssubbu on January 12, 2012, 10:35:30 PM
I have 2 IP Cams, Dlink DCS-942L and DCS-1130L installed, and when used via mydlink lite over iPhone using HUAWEI HG256s as the VOIP Home Gateway, with UPNP enabled, there is a timeout after 60 seconds, and i get a message to go to list or reconnect. The same does not happen, when I am connected from the WLAN @ home. I have got the DDNS setup done, but am unsure about the various messages, which mention to do a port forwarding and setting up a Static IP address, which i have not tried yet.

Also, I noticed that I was unable to add DCS-1130L to my existing mydlink account, which already had DCS-942L registered. I tried the other way around too, but same. So i currently have 2 accounts, for 2 cameras, and this really does not solve the purpose of going with the same brand.

Any thoughts ...
Subbu (from Singapore).