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Title: Using DCS-942l on home wifi
Post by: Sublme on January 10, 2012, 08:28:42 AM
When I use the mydlink app on my iphone or ipad while on home wifi it still streams to dlink and then back to my house.  This is at least what dlink is telling me.  This is pretty stupid, the traffic should stay local.  I am using this as a baby monitor and streaming video for the 100's of hours a month will definitely put me over my ISP cap of 250GB.  Is there a way around this so traffic stays local, yes I can go just to the IP of camera and not use app, but then I get no sound.  Any 3rd party app out there with sound?  There should be an option to use mydlink service or just use the camera local with the dlink app.  I don't see the reason traffic needs to go out and then come back in.  The app should be able to tell the difference and use mydlink service when checking in remotely and when on home network keep traffic local.
Title: Re: Using DCS-942l on home wifi
Post by: JavaLawyer on January 10, 2012, 09:22:10 AM
Thus far, I haven't personally found (or encountered any posts) identifying the address of the audio feed required by many of the third party apps.

Unfortunately, the only way to circumvent the Internet is to access the IP address directly, which does have sound on a PC or use D-VewCam on a PC.