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Title: DAP 1522 Timeouts
Post by: peterp on March 04, 2009, 02:09:32 AM
Mostly a good product but something isn't quite right.

Internet router upstairs - Billion 7404vgpm. 24mbs down, 2.5mbs up.
Office downstairs - DAP 1522
Signal downstairs is pretty strong.

Wireless is using WPA2, AES.
DAP 1522 is set to bridge. I've also made it DHCP.
The upstairs router is set to DHCP.

I have 2 machines connected to my DAP 1522.
Vista main desktop. This connects without problem and has no dropouts.
Win XP Work laptop, this uses aventail to tunnel to work (through the 2 devices).

After an hour, the XP machines drops out, the Vista one stays connected. Once the XP laptop has dropped out, the only way to get it to renew it's ip address (and I've diabled, renewed, everything) is to reboot the DAP 1522. It then renews it's ip and I can run aventail again to connect to work.

So for me, it's pretty bad as I can't easily work from home. Annoying if I'm in the middle of a Telnet session and it bombs out on me as well. I nohup everything in case.

I've not managed to setup the 1522 to have a static ip (which might fix it) and do it's own DHCP, I cant seem to find the topic here.
Title: Re: DAP 1522 Timeouts
Post by: motherfo on March 04, 2009, 08:37:33 PM
Is that router compatible with such equipment?

Does that router have DHCP reservations?

You can setup the DAP-1522 for static ip if you'd like.  http://dlinkap

Which unit's are wireless or are they all wired?