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Title: remote software update - non pnp time limit?
Post by: robert-e on December 21, 2011, 11:18:52 AM
I am 2000 miles from my unattended router/camera, and will be away for a few more months.  I have been getting the "update" nag for a few weeks now.  The details:  the camera is behind a non-pnp router.  No "computer literate" person has access to the camera/router.  I am limited to one minute of viewing access to the camera via mydlink, AND the connection speed at the camera end is such that it will take at least twice that (more than two minutes) to upload the new software to the camera.  I have checked and I do have access to the administation tab on the camera via mydlink. 
My question:  is the "one minute/non-pnp" limitation on applicable to "camera viewing" time, or is it also applicable to the time allowed for "administration/software uploading"?

I don't want to brick the camera due to a half-finished software update.