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Title: IPv6-NDP Problem with DGS-3612G
Post by: urbestfriend on December 12, 2011, 04:54:29 AM

We're using DGS-3612G - L3 switch which connects both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. We have two  linux based loadbalancers hardware in one of the IPv6 network which are in HA. i.e When one loadbalancer goes down, all the virtual interfaces are recreated on other load balancers and traffic should be routed to this load balancer.
I see that when failover happens and virtual interfaces are recreated, MAC address of the new system doesn't get updated immediately in the switch resulting in all the traffic to these Virtual interfaces getting dropped. I even forced neighbour solicitation using 'ndisc6' tool , yet switch doesn't update its NDP cache. I see that all other nodes in the network updates their NDP cache but not the switch. I'll have to manually delete the NDP cache from the switch for it to refresh.

Is there any way we can force the switch to update NDP cache automatically? Like Gratitious ARP in IPv4?
I believe Neighbour advertisement during interface creation should make the switch update its cache, but its not to be. ???

Appreciate any help :)