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Title: D-Link Debuts ShareCenter® Network Storage Solutions (01/04/2011)
Post by: JavaLawyer on November 03, 2011, 05:21:01 PM
D-Link Debuts ShareCenter® Network Storage Solutions to Help Consumers Collect, Share and Secure their Critical Documents, Memories and Media
New D-Link® devices debut at Las Vegas 2011 CES, showcasing powerful on-board processors, miiiCasa™ file management integration and an updated, easier to use User Interface.

INTERNATIONAL CES (Booth No. 31247 Upper South Hall), LAS VEGAS, Jan 04, 2011 - As consumers gather more memories, movies, songs and experiences online, the home storage hub is one of the key elements that make home the hottest spot. The new D-Link ShareCenter® DNS-320 and DNS-325 storage solutions deliver the right mix of power, capacity and ease-of-use for today’s home consumers.

Continuing with the success of the top selling D-Link DNS-321 ShareCenter Network Storage device, the new DNS-320 features its own internal fast 800 MHz processor, a simplified interface, and software for finding and managing files. The DNS-325 adds miiiCasa™ file management integration and ups the performance ante with a 1.2GHz processor. Both models come with two drive bays (bundled offerings come with a 1TB drive in one of the bays).

D-Link Storage Solutions Deliver an Easily Managed Home Hub

Both these solutions help home users protect, manage, share, stream and remotely access their important memories and entertainment favorites. Whether you’re streaming movies to your Boxee Box by D-Link, recording from a mydlink-enabled network camera or sharing files to multiple locations throughout the house, these solutions have you covered.

The storage hubs offer several benefits, including:

With one location for back-up and centralized file storage, all kinds of remote users, local laptops and wirelessly connected devices can enjoy the media store.

miiiCasa Technology Delivers Easy Access

D-Link storage solutions are easy to set up and accessible anywhere, anytime. The DNS-325 features miiiCasa technology that enables local management of the household’s entire data store. miiiCasa allows household members to easily organize, play and share their content among any IP-connected device. It’s like a secure cloud for the home.

The technology is specifically designed for people with absolutely no technical background. Everything is managed via a simple browser button – click it and you have simple access to all media on the network.

miiiCasa completely eliminates the need for configuring storage settings, using FTP servers, disk mounting, or tweaking user access controls. It’s embedded in new D-Link HD Media routers and storage solutions. ShareCenter Network solutions being unveiled this week include:

D-Link storage solutions are designed to let users work, play, connect, entertain, share and view anything they like, whenever they want to, and wherever they prefer within the home or remotely.