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Title: DNS-343 and DSM-510
Post by: historypsi on February 12, 2009, 08:27:43 PM

I have a DNS-343 and DSM-510. I have a weird problem with the DNS-343 though. First off, I have another media server as well by another company and I have no issues with it and the DSM-510 which is why I think the issue lies with the DNS-343. So, here is my issue. When I boot up my DSM-510 I see both media servers. Fine. But say I boot it up again some other time. I'll see the other company's media server, and the DNS-343 greyed out and the DNS-343 in bold. Not sure why it does that. It never goes away, in fact more greyed out DNS-343's appear in my server list as I boot the device. Some times it won't even see the DNS-343 till I reboot the DNS-343. And thus far the only way I've been able to get rid of the DNS-343 greyed out entries is to reset my DSM-510 to factory settings. Both devices have the most current updates. This happens wireless or wired.And again, no issues with the other company's media server which is a NAS as well. Any suggestions?