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Title: D-View Cam can't find DCS-932L
Post by: andrewjohnson on July 28, 2011, 10:16:51 AM
So I bought a DCS-930L and it was easy to install and setup with D-View Cam.  Everything works fine.  Then I decided to add a second camera, a DCS-932L.  It went through the wizard fine but when I go to "search" for the camera in D-View Cam (Main Console) it only comes up with my DCS-930L.  I can manually add the camera but there is no option for DCS-932L, only DCS-930L.  If I select that model it gives a pop-up message stating the model is inconsistent but I can choose to continue and it works fine.  It records the video and whatever else but it just thinks the camera is a DCS-930L because that's the model number I was forced to choose.

Why isn't the DCS-932L model an option on the drop down list in the Main Console of D-View Cam?  Why won't it find my DCS-932L when I search for cameras?  Perplexing.  Either way, it works view mydlink both on the web and via my Android and iOS devices.

Title: Re: D-View Cam can't find DCS-932L
Post by: rjmmoon on August 08, 2011, 04:49:29 AM
Try to unplug the 930 camera, then reset the 932 to factory settings, and try to install. This should work, then plug the other camer in and both should be working. I believe unplugging each installed camera when installing a new camera should be part of the installation instructions.
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Title: Re: D-View Cam can't find DCS-932L
Post by: JavaLawyer on August 08, 2011, 05:02:50 AM
Those instructions should work. The DCS-93X installation and troubleshooting instructions are problematic at best and were not well thought-out prior to the camera's release. Unfortunately, many of the technical solutions are discovered by the end-users through trial and error rather than engineers who developed these devices.