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Title: 7 DCS-93x cameras - too much network traffic?
Post by: cgrahamksu on June 23, 2011, 05:48:43 PM
I recently purchased a DCS-930 and a DCS-932 camera, and installed them at home without a problem. Using DViewCam 3.1.1 on a PC running Vista Home Premium SP2, 4GB RAM, and an AMD Athlon LE-1640 2.7GHz, with a 1 Gbps NIC connected to a D-Link DIR-655 (also 1 GBps). The two original cameras are connected via 802.11n, and everything works great. I was so happy with the setup, I purchased 5 more DSC-930 cameras, and connected 3 of them wirelessly. (I have not yet connected the other 2, so right now I have a total of 5 cameras online.) They are all set to record on motion, including audio, at 320x240, Max Frame Rate=Auto, Image Quality=Medium. With 5 cameras running, I get intermittent Internet connectivity (the same DIR-655 is connected to the Comcast cable modem) from another PC on my LAN, and I get camera disconnects/reconnects in DViewCam. I am wondering if these cameras are simply generating too much network traffic for my home LAN? Also wondering if I should replace the DIR-655 with a different D-Link switch (perhaps bigger backplane/throughput?)? Does anyone have 5 to 7 of these cameras running on a home network, and if so, are you seeing any issues? I'm a big fan of D-Link (switched from Linksys about a year after Cisco acquired them - seemed to me that Linksys quality went downhill fast after the acquisition.)

Sorry for the long post - if anyone has any experiences with this many cameras, and/or any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! TIA
Title: Re: 7 DCS-93x cameras - too much network traffic?
Post by: cgrahamksu on July 01, 2011, 09:42:15 AM
Quite a few views, but no comments. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Does anyone else have more than 4 of these (or similar D-Link cameras) running on their home network and registered with mydlink.com? I've found that with two cameras running, the Disconnects don't happen nearly as often (2 to 3 times a day), but when I add a 3rd camera, things get wonky fast.
Title: Re: 7 DCS-93x cameras - too much network traffic?
Post by: gotmail22 on August 01, 2011, 06:05:02 AM
I have the same connectivity problems I have 10 Cameras. Keeps disconnecting. Tried Firmware updates repeaters and Access points.
Title: Re: 7 DCS-93x cameras - too much network traffic?
Post by: JavaLawyer on August 01, 2011, 06:37:15 AM
Did you try minimizing the video frame size and frame rate to increase available bandwidth on your network (rather than using auto)?
Title: Re: 7 DCS-93x cameras - too much network traffic?
Post by: hopper on October 05, 2011, 08:10:57 PM
I have 7 cameras. 4 are DCS920, 1 is DCS-5300G, and 2 are DCS 932-L.
I ahve them running wireless with two DAP-2553 access points.
Since I added the DCS932-L cameras I have noticed alot of slow down and issues with the wireless network. My wireless -G computers are affected the worst and the wireless N computers not too bad, although they do need resetting now and then to get back to higher speed.
I have been blaming it on a compatibilty issue with the 932-L cameras and the access points but not sure yet.
I have tried a number of changes to both the access points but still issues.
It appears that the speed problem appears over time after resetting the system, some times after a few days some times every day.