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Title: Lost Raid 5 Volume
Post by: jspearman on May 10, 2011, 01:01:58 PM

I have had my 343 running for about a year.
It had been working fine with 4 x 2T drives from day one.   And only one single volume configured.
It started operating very slow and it showed it had 1600 minutes to re-sync.
After it completed the re-sync and rebooting the drive my volume was gone.
The drives still show OK but I can't get to the data.

I read on this forum that one person took the 4 drives and installed them in another PC and ran R-Studio to get their data back.   For me, I'd have to purchase another PC to do this.   

Has anyone found any other way to recover the lost volume?

Any help would be great ..... thanks!

P.S.  Yes, all FW is up to date.