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Title: Caviar Green 1T format problem
Post by: skas on March 15, 2011, 10:50:24 AM
I'm a new owner of this device. I've had a rather rough first contact with it.
I started with 2 completely black drives that I partitioned like this :
1- 500go RAID1
2- 500go + 500go jbod

All went well, rebooted. Then problem started to occurs.
First, NFS share configuration failed. Everything was OK from interface POV, but the showmount was not showing anything.

I then decided to restart fresh by reconfiguring the drive with a single RAID-1 partition.
The NAS then froze at reboot (got a booting...... rolling over without any progress).
I managed to pass that thing but now, I'm unable to partition anything.
I installed the fun_plug and realised that the old partition were mixed with the new one.
That is 1 raid partition of 1Tb, with 2 other overlapping partition of 500GB each mounted.
And I was unable to clear extra partition. Running fdisk  just produced a coredump with any drive.
A recipe for disaster..
How am I supposed now to fix the drives partitionning ?
Title: Re: Caviar Green 1T format problem
Post by: skas on March 16, 2011, 02:55:11 AM
Ok. I just got rid of the problem.
I removed the drive and put them in an USB enclosure.
Then I departionned each of them on my linux desktop machine and put them back in the DNS-343.

Everything went smooth after that.