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Title: Manually configuring DCS-930l for WPS
Post by: three_jeeps on March 07, 2011, 08:18:47 AM
I have a DCS-930l that I want to add to my wireless network. 
My router is a WRT54GS running dd-wrt v24. 
Currently the wireless security is WPS WPA with a key.  e.g. I entered a key into dd-wrt configuration screen and and any wireless device (e.g. notebook) that attempts to connect to the router will display a window requiring the user to enter the key.

1) is this security method compatible with DCS-930L? 
2) If so, how to I manually configure the DCS-930L with the key that  the router requires?

I looked at the camera manual but could not see how to manually enter a security key.
Thanks for your help
Title: Re: Manually configuring DCS-930l for WPS
Post by: three_jeeps on March 08, 2011, 08:21:26 PM
i'll answer my own questions:
1) is compatable with dd-wrt if dd-wrt is set up with WPA and a specified key (password)
What makes setting the cam up a little confusing is that if you follow in install CD you must set up your cam with a hardwire connection, say that your router does not support WPA and and after that it will drop you into the manual configuration mode...well not exactly - you give the setup program some basic info such as the MAC, model, etc.   then you can reboot the cam and access it the web server and start to configure it manually. 

2) You don't have to do anything to the ddwrt config except add port forwarding to either the dlink site or name server mapping site, e.g. dyndns, no-ip, etc.

The quick-start guide is vague and somewhat misleading.  Reading the real manual on the install disk is much more informative.

Neat little camera, lots of options.....