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Title: DCS-930L FTP to DNS-323
Post by: duff007 on February 16, 2011, 05:09:52 PM
I am trying to set up the FTP to my DLINK DNS-323.

I have established a DDNS at both DLINKDDNS.ORG and DYNDNS.ORG.
I have successfully Filezilla'd client to the DNS-323 so I know thats working. I was even able to trasnfer files to the server.

I have also connected to my DNS-323 via my home network as a net drive. That works.
I have successfully setup the DCS-930L to email me photos. That works.

the problem is in the FTP setup and when i send a test file.
I get a failed "cannot change directory" on the status for the FTP.
I am not sure what the "path" entry is looking for. I tried setting it to the root of the DNS323, a sub directory, etc.
The user name i have setup on the DNS323 has read/write to root. That user ID seems to be accepted in the DCS930L FTP testing (because with a incorrect user name I get a "invalid user name/password" error).

Has anyone else been able to send the DCS930L images to a FTP server?

Title: Re: DCS-930L FTP to DNS-323
Post by: davevon on February 17, 2011, 10:29:01 PM
on my 930L i have set up:
host=ip address for my dns321
username = the name you want to use on the dns
password = password you are using on your dns
path = /
passive = yes

on my dns321 i have created a special user just for the camera
i then give that uses permission for only 1 folder on the drive.  that path looks like