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Title: Virtual server can be changed from any pc in my network with upnp switched on.
Post by: jerv on February 13, 2011, 01:47:48 PM
Firmware Version: 1.31EU  / Hardware Version: A4

I recently installed a DIR-655 router in my home network
and made a virtual server under advanced / virtual server

upnp (under advanced / advanced network) is switched on

admin and user password set on the router.

When i click on the network icon on my windows 7 desktop i can see see my router under Network infrastructure .

I can view the properties of the router on any computer in my network.  I can see the
settings of the virtual server. 

And i can change it.   (without having to know or give the admin password of the router.) 

fex change the addres the port forwards to.

And if i the look via the webpage in the router settings it is changed.

Should this be like that ? that anyone in the network can change my virtual server in this way?