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Title: DNS-320, Feature request: better support for USB storage
Post by: Joke on February 10, 2011, 05:02:50 PM
I got a USB disk today, and my plan was to attach it to my DNS-320 and use the built-in Backup application to backup the files from the DNS-320 to the USB disk.

Only this doesn't work. Backup only works between the internal disks, or to/from another NAS/PC.

The USB disk is visible on the network, but I can only read from it. Writing to it fails.

In conclusion, USB storage can only be used for two things on the DNS-320:

1. By pressing the USB Copy button on the front of the NAS, all files on the USB disk is copied to the NAS.
2. As a read-only disk on the network.

Feature request:
I would like to ask DLink to add USB as a possible destination for Backups in a future firmware. If that means the disk will have to be formatted to ext3 then that is OK with me.
The best would be if the USB disk was recognised as just another Volume (Volume_3?) on the NAS. Then everything else would work.