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Title: Raid 1 (mirrored?) is Maintenance required
Post by: medicmanonet on December 07, 2008, 04:14:46 AM
Hi all,

pretty much a newbie here so be kind  ;). Basically I have two x 250gb drives in the NAS and they are in RAID configuration (RAID 0 I think so the drives are mirroring each other and total volume is 250Gbyte).

So the quesion is do I need to do any maintenace on this drive?? I intend to do regular backups once have the data in some sort of order (loads of photos and home movies as well as University files). Do I need to defrag or anything? If so How?

This might be a daft quesiton to a lot of you, but I don't know if maintenance is required? I understand that Raid 1 is mirrioring and is a way to protect against hardware failure (hard drive) and data loss where both drives have the same information. I know I should back up regularly (been meaning to do this  :-\), but is there any other things (maintenance) I should be doing??

Anyone recommend a good software to back up the NAS (all of it or only specified directories) to my PC and also DVD's?