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Title: DSM 520 and LARGE music libraries
Post by: taoofchas on November 06, 2008, 07:34:54 AM
Picked up a dsm 520 at discount just recently. After much effort, including a firmware upgrade to 1.10, I have pretty much everything working. I love the quality of sound and my video is perfect.


I can't use the one feature I really bought if for: to play my mp3 library in the living room. After many naughty words I junked the media lounge software and was able to share and connect to my vista media center pc which shared my whole library. In the my media section I can view photos fine, supported video files play without a hiccup. If I select music the cursor spins, then stops spinning, then the screen goes blank, then the machine locks up. Every time.

My guess is that this is because of a large number of directories and files.   (31,469 files, 3,524 folders for 110 Gig of storage. but a lot of files are artwork and thumbnails) A call to tech support didn't exactly admit that this would cause the problem but did say they did not test on libraries this size.  They also promised to keep in touch both by email and phone and I haven't heard a peep.

Does anyone else encounter this problem? Has anyone found a workaround?  I can't even think about segmenting the library, I keep it in a classic Music\Artist\Album\tracks.mp3 format so there's not even an easy way to share only part of it.
Title: Re: DSM 520 and LARGE music libraries
Post by: ablevy on November 07, 2008, 01:48:20 PM
The problem is most likely on the server side.  Try another one.  Can you serve music from WMP?  Try TVersity it's free.  Twonky costs money, but comes with a trial period. 

Title: Re: DSM 520 and LARGE music libraries
Post by: taoofchas on November 07, 2008, 03:00:57 PM

Curious why you would think the server side. It servers video and photos fine, just not music. In any case, I can play music on my vista laptop with wmp 11 from it, so yeah the server seems fine.  I don't want to run additional servers if the wmp server is running all the time anyway (It's my main media center computer running a home theater.)

That said....

I'm interested in running tversity. Just found out about it recently. If it can serve up media and work, and preferably if it can replace that other tv "thing" oh yea, ActiveTV, I'd be all for it. If you would, could you post a quick 1,2,3 on how to use it with the dsm 520?  I'm sure I can set up the server, but how do you get the box to access it? There's no menu option like ActiveTV.

Thanks for your feedback,

Title: Re: DSM 520 and LARGE music libraries
Post by: chenrikson on November 10, 2008, 09:49:27 AM
Download TVersity and install it.  Set TVersity up to address your various file locations.  Start TVersity (if you haven't already.  Start the 520 and go to "My Media".  In the list of servers, you should see "TVersity" -- if you don't see it wait a while as it will usually show up.  Be sure your firewall lets it through.  When you see the TVersity server click on it and it will become your active server.  At that point you can select "Music" (for example) and you will then have the option of selecting by genre, artist, etc.  Make your selection -- Ta Da!  Music! (and album art as well in most cases).  Twonky will also work, and includes an internet music selection that runs Shoutcast (but not album art).  Support is not so hot for either of these applications, but they both do work.
Title: Re: DSM 520 and LARGE music libraries
Post by: ECF on November 24, 2008, 10:59:42 AM
Have you tried just sharing just a single folder or maybe just one group and see if there is a problem playing the mp3 files alone? WMP11 usually is pretty good with large libraries mine works great at home and I have a ton of media.