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Title: Which Firmware for 655 ver A2 would fit our very straightforward use!
Post by: sandman on January 09, 2011, 12:23:48 AM
Hi Everyone,

We have a DIR 655 ver A2, with F/W 1.21EU installed since early 2009.

The router has worked well for several years, but always the speed would quite quickly slow down to a crawl every 2-3 weeks and a simple reboot of the router would fix that. Now for the last couple of Months a weekly reboot is necessary to maintain speeds. (Nothing has changed with our usage, connection, or number of connected items in this time). (Always there have been times when the connection would seem to nearly stop for a few minutes, then fully recover. This would happen maybe once a week, and I appreciate this could well be from the cable provider.)

We have two computers, two ipods, two phones, one wireless printer, and an Apple TV all connected wirelessly to it. We do not use the Shareport, use BitTorrent, or have a local network between the computers.

We are just upgrading from a 20Mbps down 1Mbps up cable connection to 64Mbps down 5Mbps up (Same provider.)

With all this in mind, which, if any, of the post-1.21 Firmwares would be better and especially help with the more frequently needed reboots? I have kept away from updating until now as each new FW always seemed to be deemed bad by some, solid by others.

Excuse the long post, but I know everyone here appreciates as much info as possible to be able to answer (As against the one-line "My router doesn't work! help! what should I do?" posts!)

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and advise. :)


Title: Re: Which Firmware for 655 ver A2 would fit our very straightforward use!
Post by: sandman on February 27, 2011, 02:12:30 AM
So very sorry nobody replied - I tried the USA & German sites as well, but everyone seems interested in why their this or that bizarre configuration does not work  ???

So I moved on to another (See my signature) Which is stable, faster, reliable, and with a setup interface that took me time only because I was going "No, it cannot be that easy, I MUST need to do something else!"  :)

My 64Mps service is solid, and though our apartment is the first floor of a big old house, I get good reception in our cellar as well due to its "Radar" which favours signal strength to where clients actually are.  ;)

So, I will still monitor this site but in the words of Douglas Adams

"Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish"  ;D