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Title: NETWORK ACCESS and international characters.
Post by: Piotr on May 21, 2008, 02:41:43 AM
In Network Access Settings you can create your own shares. Unfortunately there is a problem if folders contain international characters. I've added some folders to Network Access List:


Some of them have Japanese, Russian or Polish characters in their names.

All folders are visible in Network Neighbourhood:


There is no problem with folders which contain only English characters. Japanese "\\nadslink\浜崎 あゆみ") share is fine, too (!!!)


But I can't access shares with Polish or Russian characters in their names. I can't access "\\nadslink\Калининградский", "\\nadslink\Japońska", "\\nadslink\Narzędzia językowe" (can't find network name error).



Too bad you can't change default share name (it is always named the same as the folder on NAS is referring to) to one of your choosing  (\\nasdlink\Japońska" to \\nadslink\Japonska). You have to rename folder. But it wouldn't solve the problem with Russian folder anyway.

Of course I don't have problems if I share folders (for example "\\myserver\Muzyka Japońska" from Windows computer. Only DNS-323 causes me problems with international characters.
I don't have problems while browsing "Volume_1" share. I can access every subfolder ("\\nasdlink\Volume_1\Калининградский" works OK").

DNS-323 rev. A1  Firmware 1.05  EXT2 with Unicode support