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Title: DSM-520 Not Displaying Playlists from iTunes
Post by: pkorisa on May 13, 2008, 11:58:50 AM
Recently I bought a iPod and switched my music libraries management to iTunes. My DSM-520 Media Player is Ver. 1.05 (checked for updates but was informed that I am current) and my D-Link Media Server is ver. 1.08.

Before this switch to iPOD and iTunes, i was using the Olympus M-Robe MP3 player and their M-Trip software to manage the Music files and the palylists. And, I had no problems with seeing the music files and the palylists on my TV using the DSM-520.

But now with iTunes (Ver., I can see and play all of the music tracks, Generes, albums, artists -- all managed by iTunes -- through my DSM-520 on my TV BUT I do NOT see on my TV the PLAYLISTS that I have created in iTunes!

Can anyone please help me with this problem - I am sure with the large client base on iPods, I'd think I am not the only one with iTunes managing the music files.

Thank you so much.