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Title: Have a specific problem..will the DAP 1360 solves this?
Post by: Mr_Bee on December 17, 2010, 11:37:31 AM
My DIR-632 is in the basement.  I am looking for a product that would extend wireless to the main floor to boost signal.  This seems to be in line with the DAP-1360. 

However, this product must allow me to connect to the wired LAN port or USB port of a Brother 2170W printer.  The reason is, this printers wireless std is G, thus my DIR-632 connects to all my devices in the house at G, not the superior N.

Will this product be able to to connect to the printer's LAN or USB port and connect it to my network so all machines can print?

thanks in advance!
Title: SOLVED: Have a specific problem..will the DAP 1360 solves this?
Post by: Mr_Bee on December 19, 2010, 08:28:06 PM
I solved my own problem.  I set-up my DIR-632 as the primary router broadcasting in 802.11n only.  This increased my file transfer download speed by a whopping 90% from my DNS-323 to my upper floor laptop when compared to the speed of my DIR-624+  I employed before.  I used my old fathfull DIR-624+ as a kind of wireless access point by disabling DHCP on it, connecting the primary router to it by hooking a cable into the #1 slot and having the primary router give it a static IP within the range of my network (Note: I had to do this manually by entering the MAC as it wasn't visible at first).  I was able to connect my two Brother network printers to this makeshift DIR-624+ 'access point' via WPA security using 802.11G (on a different channel of course). 

Now I run a print network on G, and run my computers on N and now even stream media to my DSM-750s (they never worked wirelessy on the G network).  I am so happy I didn't have to spend money and could continue to provide a good home for my beloved 624+ who has served me well for so many years.

No need for the DAp-1360 though I'll see how it goes over time and write back.