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Title: Constantly power cycling? Read this.
Post by: tr5uydbfxlkjc on December 15, 2010, 10:29:51 PM

Okay, just linking to a different thread was a bit of a cop out.  But you guys keep posting new threads about having to power cycle, and the very simple suggestions in that thread will solve it (IF you have a rev A wbr 1310).

My experiences:
--Switching to DI-524 revD firmware solves stability problems, and is very easy to do.  I no longer needed to power cycle the router constantly.  However, with this firmware, WPA/WPA2 wifi connections were limited to about 2mpbs.
--Switching ultimately to the WBR 2310 firmware solved all of the problems.  The router is still rock-solid, and it runs WPA/WPA2 at full speed.  It is also pretty easy, but it takes a few more steps, and if you don't need wpa/wpa2, you're fine sticking with the di-524 revD.

(i only tested the intermediate step of di-624 firmware for a few hours; it worked fine, i suppose, but who knows.  to be safe, stick with di-524, or move through to wbr 2310.)