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Title: WUA 2340 - Wireless Connection Manager shows connected but ...
Post by: gmassie999 on November 09, 2010, 11:11:58 AM
I am using a WUA 2340 with a DIR 615 router. From time to time, my software application (i.e. Firefox, cmd PING, Thunderbird) are completely disconnected while the Wireless Connection Manager is indicating that the connection if working fine (e.g. 46%, 24mpbs, TCP IP address are displayed).

This might occur 3 to 4 times within an hour and is working fine for the rest of the day!

Any idea what it might be. Oh yes, I have a HP laptop with a built-in wireless connected to the same router that is working while the station using the WUA-2340 is not.

In order to have the WUA 2340 working again, I have to delete the Wireless profile and recreate a new one.

I am using Windows XP Pro, WPA-2, no DHCP and no broadcast of the SSID.

Thank you in advance