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Title: Random slow speed
Post by: Seif on November 07, 2010, 06:08:36 AM
For a while now, my internet has been slower and gets slower at random times. I found out that the temporary fix was to restart my router but it then happens again after a while.
I was playing games and my ping would increase to 300+ for a period then go back to normal. It's really random.
The worse part is there's a certain game I play where it totally stops working for me because of my internet, the game stops responding. (All game being online of course) Yes it's the game's slight bug but that shows that my internet really is affecting it still. I never had that before, it suddenly started happening for a few months now. I'd really appreciate a way to fix it, and I want to know whether it's my WBR-1310 router or my ISP.