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Title: DSL-G624T Problem with connection ethernet towards a Sony BD player
Post by: Kekko66 on November 05, 2010, 09:38:08 AM
I have a strange issue on the DSL-G624T dlink router. Currently I have 1PC ethernet connected, 1 PC wireless connected, 2 Blackberry wireless connected. Every these apparates run well: internet and local network. I have pb with another ethernet connection towards a Sony BD Player: it cannot receive proper IP configuration from the router and so it cannot connect to the net. I tried also to load manually the IP address and DNS setting but it cannot run in internet. How can I resolve? The DHCP run for the PCs and other phones. Whant can you suggest me? In the past I connected this BD player to the net without any pb. Somebody can help me please? Thanks in advance for your attention.

Here the fw version: Firmware Version :  V3.10B01T02.EU-A.20070924