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Title: DGS-1024D Slowing Down
Post by: tufcamman on November 04, 2010, 01:06:13 PM

  Whenever any computer from Set A tries to copy anything from the CentOS Sever it kills all other communication on Set A.  No other ports function until that transfer is done.

  I can copy to Set B from the Server and it's just fine.

  I've tried swapping out switches, cables, and NIC's.  The same thing happens.

  It's almost as if all the 10/100 ports are sharing a single band and when any of them copies a file it cripples the entire line.

   I always thought that all ports on a switch had their own bandwidth, so I should be able to have ten clients on Set A copy files from the server before I see any slowdown, but if only one copies, it kills it. 

  Any ideas would be great!