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Title: Network is flooded with broadcast from clients without wireless connection
Post by: darkhack on October 18, 2010, 09:32:24 PM
So I just bought 2 boxes of DAP 1360 and setup both of them as access point (AP) for people with laptop to connect to my network.
I'm using ACL to control which devices can connect through.
The LAN on both device is set to a different segment from my network ( while my network is on )

It works flawlessly without problem. But then I've discovered that computers from within my network that are not using wireless connection, keep on sending broadcast packages to the ip addresses of the DAP 1360.
I've noticed that the destination port in which the broadcast packages are sent, keeps changing.
In one session it was 57316, later on it was 55708, and it keeps on changing.

I tried to disable SSID broadcasting but it didn't stop the computers from my network to stop sending traffic to DAP 1360.

Any idea what to do to stop it?