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Title: One pc will not connect to router without router reboot
Post by: dogin on October 13, 2010, 05:30:41 AM
I have a rather serious doemestic problem with this router!!! My wife's laptop will not connect to internet when she turns on her laptop unless I reset modem and router. I have two other pcs and an x box connected also with only an occasional connection problem with x box. The problem seemed to start around the time I hooked the x boxto the router but it doesn't affect wifes's computer even if xbox has not been connected to internet prior to her signing on.

I have a lot to learn about routers etc. I do not have a home network set up as the pcs all are on their own. Is there a step bystep procedure to assign a specific IP address to wifes laptop and would that solve the problem?  Any help would very much be appreciated.  ps  It appears if no other connections to the internet are made in between wifes usage, then the next time she has no problems connecting.

Thank you