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Title: Noob: DCS 2121 set up
Post by: sevenofnine on July 22, 2010, 02:27:17 AM
I apologize it this is silly but I do not know where to turn:

I have a new DCS 2121 camera.  It works perfectly for bowser access over internet using a computer based browser.

On my iPad and iPhone, I can access http://camera-ip/m, no problem but there is no sound (btw, I could not find this in the documentation, I found it with google)

My questions are:
1) Is there a way to access the sound from an iPhone/iPad ?
2) Is there a detailed documentation of the OS running on the camera and how to access is
3) I tried rtsp (do not know what it is or supposed to do). On my iDevices it gives an error right away. On a computer, it fires up a quicktime movie window and then it dies with connection failed. I would appreciate a pointer to where I can learn how to set up rtsp.