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Title: 2640 ADSL diagnostics
Post by: i8042 on July 04, 2010, 05:41:20 PM

I have 2640u router and it disconnects ADSL randomly. I am not very happy with my ISP support, so I decided to try to debug it my self. I need information about disconnect reason: line lost, remote device disconnected etc. I also want to know which modulation was used and some link disagnostics. I beilieve ADSL modem inside my router may provide such info, but how could I read it using web access?
Probably I should use special "debug" firmware?

Afaik there is a some flavour of linux inside, and there is a way to connect to console using "console" port, but it is a hack, and I am looking for official way to get debug info about connection.

You remember ATI6 / ATI11 commands in old dial-up modems? I need something like it.

Title: Re: 2640 ADSL diagnostics
Post by: Oldstone on August 18, 2010, 11:29:21 AM
Download the pdf manual for the router and study it. Google anything you are unsure about. Hook a computer to the dsl router directly. Make the computer's ip address on the same subnet as the router. Open a web browser to and logon with the username admin password admin. Save the settings first. It's best not to mess with anything that you do not know what it is. There is diagnostic info in status tab. Before you fool around with anything call dlink tech support about anything that looks out of order. You may even have to talk to your isp's tech support again because the problem is more than likely on their end. If you know what is going on, your odds of getting someone competent is better. At least you will understand better what they are saying. Good luck.