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Title: Issue with wireless password setting
Post by: pissedoffuser on May 28, 2010, 12:31:46 PM

I've been trying to secure my wireless network, but I can't manage to. Tell me what I do wrong.

On the computer that directly connects to the router, I put in the CD that comes with the router and I follow all the instructions. Then I can start surfing on the Internet with no problem (on that computer). After that, I go on and choose "Setup wizard" on the "Wireless settings" page. Again, I follow all the instructions and set a password for wireless connection. I go on my laptop and look for networks. Mine is there, and it appears as password-locked. So I try to connect, enter the password, but it says it is wrong! The laptop can connect to any locked wireless network, but not mine... Also, I've done all that a thousand billion times and it's always the same result (so it is definitely not a typo in the password or something).

What do I do? Thank you very much for helping because I'm desperate :(