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Title: Wireless G Router and Desktop Adapter Problem.
Post by: runt on April 11, 2010, 06:17:11 AM
Hello everybody,

I hope you all well?

I hope this is the right place for this.  Iím sure it is both products are Wireless G.

I have a DSL-2640U Wireless G ADSL2+ Router and a DWA-510 Wireless G Desktop Adapter.  I have several laptops that connect to the DSL-2640U with no problem, however the DWA-510 will not connect and when it does it only connects for a minute or two and then disconnects.

Can anybody help me as I would like to stop using my work laptop and start using my desktop for home surfing.

Max Clients = 10 (Have 6 machines in total that need to connect)
Hide Access Point = Un-Checked
WEP Encryption = Enabled
Encryption Strength = 128-bit
MAC Restriction Mode = Disabled (This was enabled before and it worked well, but have disabled it just in case)

I never had this much trouble trying to connect any of the laptops or my iPod Touch to the DSL-2640U so I can only assume itís something to do with the DWA-510.

Any thoughts or suggestions?