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Title: PADT Packets and disconnects..
Post by: jackiepvh on March 29, 2010, 07:11:45 AM
Hello people! I'm experiencing some problems with my wbr-1310. I never had this problem before (about 2 years).

Few days ago, i noticed some abrupt disconnects. Then i checked the log tool, in the router system page. I realized (not so hard to) that some PADT packets were disconnecting me, so i googled the "PADT Tags". I discovered two things about PADT Packets:
1- This is a normal packet from the PPoE Protocol;
2- Reading all posts in many forums on the web, i think this is a problem that affects basically D-link's hardware.

But why does it happen so frequently with me? I don't think tha is because my ISP doesn't like me. I'm a nice guy..  :P

So... I saw many hints, just as: disable ntp server, able ntp server, clear service name (at the ppoe configuration page), change MTU packet size (mine is 1492, i think is ok), and another several hints...

The fact is, nothing worked for me.  :-\

Does anybody had the same problem? Any suggestion? Any expert knows how to solve it?

Thank you!  ;)