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Title: Network Access - Group Assignments
Post by: Rodent on February 13, 2008, 06:42:26 PM
I think I have found a bug with the network access web page, I have setup two users (Rodent, Test) and one group (Private) I have assigned the user Rodent to the group Private and setup four network shares. Two shares are open to all and two are assigned to the group Private.

As you can see from the below list that the two shares that are private access do not list the group Private instead they list the user Rodent.

I have added the user Test to the group Private but nothing changes the private access shares still only has the user Rodent listed.

Under firmware 1.03 the group Private would have appeared and be bold but under firmware 1.04 this seems to be broken ???

Share          Path                      User/Group     Comment          Oplocks   Map      R/W     
Volume_1   Volume_1               Rodent             Private Access    yes        yes
Backups      Volume_1/Backups ALL                                             yes        yes
Storage      Volume_1/Storage  ALL                                             yes        yes
Private$     Volume_1/Private$  Rodent             Private Access     yes        yes