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Title: DWL-G810 not recognised by DSL-G604T
Post by: jeepers on March 08, 2010, 04:08:56 AM
I have my G810 connected to my Beyonwiz PVR, and a DSL-G604T connected to my PC....Now the G604T refuses to recognise the G810.

If i use my spare Modem (Netgear DG834G v3) it sees the G810 with no problems and i can stream video from the PC to my TV thru the Beyonwiz, i can also transfer files from the Beyonwiz to the PC.

I have setup the G604T exactly the same as the Netgear... same SSID same Passphrase same MAC address from the Beyonwiz, in fact i noted down all the settings from the Netgear and installed them to the G604T.

I thought that with the Modem/Router and the AP (G810) both being D-Link that there would be no problem.

any help in trying to get these two to talk to each other would be greatly appreciated.


BTW: I hope this is the right place to ask this, as i could not find a G604T forum. :-[