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Title: Wireless connectivity drops frequently
Post by: acurrier on February 25, 2010, 08:12:20 AM
I have had to work from home the past two days, and my internet connection has dropped over 10 times during that time. I have a WBR-2310 FW V1.05. Time Warner Cable as my provider, going from cable modem to linksys router for vonage to WBR-2310. If I plug the ethernet right into the laptop, it works fine. When the wifi drops, the phone still works. There is also a desktop connected which does not drop. So it's got to be the router, right? Current settings are channel 11, no super G, no auto scan, no extended range, no 802.11g only, no hidden wireless, and using WPA/AES. I have been messing with the settings but nothing seems to improve the situation.

I turned on logging, and here's the last set of messages between drops (forget the timestamps):

Apr/01/2002 03:24:39
 DHCP lease IP to IBM-424F264B379   00-19-7d-09-55-3b
Apr/01/2002 03:24:38
 Authentication Success   00-19-7d-09-55-3b
Apr/01/2002 03:24:37
 Authenticating......   00-19-7d-09-55-3b
Apr/01/2002 03:24:37
 Wireless PC connected   00-19-7d-09-55-3b
Apr/01/2002 03:24:14
 Authentication Success   00-25-4b-03-d5-25
Apr/01/2002 03:24:13
 Authenticating......   00-25-4b-03-d5-25
Apr/01/2002 03:24:12
 Wireless PC connected   00-25-4b-03-d5-25
Apr/01/2002 03:23:14
 DHCP release IP   00-19-7d-09-55-3b
Apr/01/2002 03:18:20
 Drop TCP packet from WAN src: dst: Rule: Default deny
Apr/01/2002 03:16:14
 Authentication Success   00-25-4b-03-d5-25
Apr/01/2002 03:16:13
 Authenticating......   00-25-4b-03-d5-25
Apr/01/2002 03:16:12
 Wireless PC connected   00-25-4b-03-d5-25

Any advice? Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Wireless connectivity drops frequently
Post by: wbr on March 16, 2010, 09:49:31 AM
I have experienced the same problem but with firmware version. 2.03 and am on Sunflower Broadband. Wireless connections drop but wired connection stays up (or at least reconnects before I can notice). I'm running win 7 pro with 3 computers on the net. 2 are (or can be wireless). I have also turned off the auto scan but have turned on "Super G with Dynamic Turbo".

I did notice that D-link support suggested reinstalling the firmware. I will try that but don't hold much hope for it.

Have a good day.
Title: Re: Wireless connectivity drops frequently
Post by: droppedonetoomanytimes on March 26, 2010, 06:21:18 AM
DO NOT update with the WBR-2310 firmware...

Just go ahead and update it with a compatible model, that has stable firmware.

Replace the fw with the stable DI-624 Rev Dhttp://www.dslreports.com/r0/download/1011990~3f9f4d0ce6ed6d00a0b6d92c7a34d81a/DI-624_fw_403.zip (http://www.dslreports.com/r0/download/1011990~3f9f4d0ce6ed6d00a0b6d92c7a34d81a/DI-624_fw_403.zip)

What a POS... Sad this is Linksys new WRTG2 1.5 is no better.
Title: Re: Wireless connectivity drops frequently
Post by: jonesb on March 26, 2010, 08:30:14 AM
See my post a few back in this thread.

Reset of the idle time may solve your issue.

It did for me.