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Title: Static DHCP
Post by: SympaLink on January 31, 2010, 12:12:42 PM
In fact my probleme is that I would like to attribut IP adresses by DHCP Static.
When I enter the function DHCP, I puts the DHCP disable and the Static DHCP enable.
Then to enter the information of a PC, I chose the desiré PC and I press on [Clone].
The information take place on the specifics fields, when I click on Apply I receive the messsage
" The Static DHCP client MAC Adresses that you input is in has wrong size(format) "

The format is good. Six bytes in Hexadecimal. I tried letters in capital letters and in small letters.
What makes that the software do not accept them.

Thank you for reading my message.
Thank you very much of your help.
Raymond Fournier