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Title: Connection problems
Post by: ThaDanus on January 08, 2010, 04:05:00 AM
Recently I've bought the D-Link Dir-655 due to my older modem dying on me after 5 years of loyal service. I'm not using the wireless aspect so much (my PC has no wireless adapter) but the possibility of connecting to the internet on my laptop, DS and PSP was more than enough to convince me, as were the reasonably good reviews I read.
I got the router on December 20 2009, it worked fine until the 24th, when I went on vacation, and thus shut down the router. When I came back three days ago, the router would lose the connection to the internet every so often, and it got worse at just 10 minutes, sometimes not even that.

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit on my PC, together with Avast antivirus (never had any problems related to the internet with it), and uTorrent is enabled quite often.
The router has Firmware Version: 1.30EU, and Hardware Version: A4. When the connection drops (again, I'm using the cabled connection, not the wireless), I can't log into the router, as if it's frozen up/crashed. The only thing that can solve it is shutting down the power, then turning it back on some seconds later.

I've already tried to find a lot of solutions for problems resembling mine, but so far nothing has worked yet. I've tried cloning the MAC address to that of my PC, set it back after that, tried disabling Traffic Shaping in QoS settings, turning SPI on and off, UDP Endpoint Filtering is at 'Port And Address Restricted', as is TCP Endpoint Filtering (plus I've tried setting it to endpoint independent, to no avail). WISH is still on, UPnP is disabled, WAN port speed is set to automatic.

When I disabled UPnP yesterday, the router worked for about 20 hour, then froze up again, worked about 15 hours, froze up again. Now internet is working (messed around with different settings again), but whenever I turn on uTorrent, I'll lose my browsing capability. uTorrent can still upload and download, Skype is still online, as is Live Messenger, but browsing is impossible. And I can still log in the router, as opposed to before, but resetting it still has to be done manually in order to restore the connection.

I've read that too many connections from uTorrent could be the problem, and I've already set the maximum number of connections to 150, number of connected peers to 75 and upload slots per torrent to 4, but to no avail. Before Christmas though, it was at 250 / 90 / 4, it seems strange that this would solve it.

If anyone could offer me a solution for this I would be very grateful, since the returning term from the company (bol.com) I bought the router from has expired (14 days), and my budget doesn't exactly allow another pricey router. Location is the Netherlands, if this could be useful in any way ;)

edit: just in case, when I plug the internet cable directly into my pc (thus without using a router) everything works fine, so I'm reasonably sure it's a router problem).
Title: Re: Connection problems
Post by: Ronneske on January 08, 2010, 10:20:54 AM
Not sure if i read it correctly in other forums but check if the Avast virusscanning is using something called "SEP".
There is a thread in the general DIR-655 forum (one level up) stating this causes some issues.

Reducing uTorrent number of open connections will influence the memory usage by the router a lot so try to lower it further.

And as you can see have a A4 on 1.32NA beta 09 that was and keeps rebooting. Some users do have issues with the router.

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Title: Re: Connection problems
Post by: ThaDanus on January 08, 2010, 11:14:57 AM
Thank you for your reply.
As far as I can see Avast is not using any form of Endpoint Protection. They do have a separate program for that, but I'm not using it. As for the utorrent settings, I'll try it, but on my old router I had higher settings, plus before Christmas it worked fine with the higher settings and this router..it just seems weird that suddenly it'd stop working.

I changed the uTorrent settings to:
maximum number of global connections: 25
maximum number of connected peers: 10

Then let it run for a bit, but it would still disable my browsing ability.

EDIT: I got fed up with the slow speeds and continuing interrupts in my surfing ability, so I plugged in the cable directly into my PC. Speeds in uTorrent (with settings back to normal as described in my first post) are back to normal (behind the router I'd have 50 kb/s download, 500 kb/s upload; without the router this is easily 1 MB/s download, 2 MB/s upload). I'm going to try and get my money back from the Dutch D-Link company...if it's possible at all, this was just a huge disappointment.
Title: Re: Connection problems
Post by: Ronneske on January 09, 2010, 03:51:38 AM
Now i understand the drop in prices we see by bol.com and others. Was monitoring it on tweakers.net.

Probably a whole lot is being dropped probably on the edge of specifications.

Title: Re: Connection problems
Post by: ThaDanus on January 09, 2010, 04:14:57 AM
Actually, I bought this router due to the good reviews on tweakers.net, but well...I wouldn't recommend it to anyone after this   :(