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Title: Bridging NetGear 7550 with D-Link DIR-632
Post by: AJO4 on January 11, 2018, 10:50:47 PM
Got them connected with E1/uplink on the NG to the WAN port on the DL.  Switched VC1 on the NG to bride and credentials entered in the DL internet settings, the DL shows connected and the WAN light turns green with occasional flashing but the iNet light on the NG stays off.  DL logs are simple (yes, dates/times are bogus):

Feb 7 11:01:11   device_lan_ip= , device_lan_subnet_mask=
Feb 7 11:01:11   DHCP server start.

then repeats.

Tried VC1 on Routed Bridge and iNet light comes on with flashing, but WAN light on DL goes back to orange and lost connection, with more log messages:

Feb 7 11:01:12   rp_pppoe =' read pppoe_conn_session error or firs
t time dial
Feb 7 11:01:12   pppd 2.4.3 started by root, uid 0
Feb 7 11:01:12   RP-PPPoE plugin inform wantimer to reset auth, di
scovery variable
Feb 7 11:01:11   device_lan_ip= , device_lan_subnet_mask=
Feb 7 11:01:11   DHCP server start.
Feb 7 11:01:11   RP-PPPoE plugin version 3.3 compiled against pppd
Feb 7 11:01:11   Plugin /lib/pppd/2.4.3/rp-pppoe.so loaded.
Feb 7 11:01:06   Exit.

One doc suggested to put NG and DL on different subnets, i.e.:

DL IP = 192.168.0.x
NG IP = 192.168.1.x

All four combinations fail to provide iNet access from the NG (as expected with only one VC established) AND from the DL (as unexpected).  Why is the NG losing iNet when the DL shows a proper PPPoE connection?  Someone, somewhere out there must have run into this same problem and solved it.  There has to be a way.


This situation is outrageous.  Your documentation states that all I need to do is place the DIR-632 between the functioning NG and my PC with another Ethernet cable in the WAN port.  That does not work here.  It is a nice box and I want to use it as intended, not as an AP which locks up every day or two and has to be power-cycled.  Even tried adding extra routing rules, but if that is the answer then please tell me exactly what needs to go in each of the four boxes for each entry needed, after indicating whether or not they can share subnets.
Title: Re: Bridging NetGear 7550 with D-Link DIR-632
Post by: FurryNutz on January 12, 2018, 07:00:18 AM
Link>Welcome! (http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=49573.0)

Internet Service Provider and Modem Configurations

Are you trying to wirelessly bridge with the NG or the DLink router?
Which one is going to be the main host router?
Title: Re: Bridging NetGear 7550 with D-Link DIR-632
Post by: AJO4 on January 16, 2018, 04:39:57 PM
Thanks, glad to be here

*  Hardware version = 1.01NA
*  Firmware version = 1.03NA
*  Pacific, USA
*  Wired (that's what I meant by "connected...WAN port", guess it could not have gone either way :)

*  DSL
*  See the title of this post -> NetGear 7550 modem
*  Both, currently dynamic
*  1U/7D Mbps, well below 100 Mbps.
*  done many times in the past
*  done several times in the past
*  MTU - 1492
*  ALWAYS on
*  Yes, I know it is best to bridge them, hence the title of my post!  I am not using 192.168.X.X since I have everything on my LAN assigned unique values.  As stated the 7550 is MEANT to be bridged, and has an option for "routed bridged" (whatever they mean by that).  Cannot set the NG on DMZ unless I use a LAN PORT on the DIR as I have done for years, and NO LONGER want to do so.

quote: "and put that into the modems DMZ."
What?  You mean the D-Link router's IP, right?
At any rate, tried DMZ which picks up the IP from ISP and MAC from the D-Link and connects the two, even on the bridged connection - it does not work.

Not using DHCP.  There are no IP conflicts, and AS STATED, tried different subnets:

"One doc suggested to put NG and DL on different subnets, i.e.:

DL IP = 192.168.0.x
NG IP = 192.168.1.x

Your last link points to a message where the image is broken and no longer available, but based on the comment is exactly what I am doing - trying to bridge these boxes.  I know where to put in my credential and have already done so, the DL DIR-632 even connects to the NG 7550 and gets an IP, Gateway, DNSs listed, but there is NO iNet access!  WHY ?!?

Under certain configurations, such as enabling VC2 on the NG to bridge then I get its iNet light on, thus service being provided to the NG, I sometimes get a good link to the DL but they get different IPs - thus no service to the DL because I am only paying for one and my ISP will not let me have another for free.  After disabling the bridge on VC2, just now, they got the same IPs but still no service on the DL, and service on the NG went out shortly afterward.  When I hit the PPP "connect" link on the NG, service restored but the both ended up with different IPs again.
NO, I am not trying to bridge wirelessly - I have a GOOD (tested with specific ethernet cable tester) cable connecting the two from the NG E1/uplink ethernet port to the D-Link WAN PORT!!!  Please see the very first sentence of my original post.  I cannot see why anyone would even try to bridge wirelessly.

The D-Link should be the main host router, the way D-Link has it set up to be.  Please see the second sentence of my original post.  I just need the NG to use its phase lock loop to demodulate the HF DSL signal and to transduce that to ethernet (i.e. the modem portion), the D-Link should take over from there.

Does this answer your questions?

Thank you for your response, moderator Nutz. but I need something deeper than this.  What are the possible causes for the first error message:

"Feb 7 11:01:12   rp_pppoe =' read pppoe_conn_session error or firs
t time dial"

How can I force the DL to get the same IP (& GW, DNSs) as the NG gets in a bridged mode (and, you know, have them bothe get service)?

Title: Re: Bridging NetGear 7550 with D-Link DIR-632
Post by: FurryNutz on January 16, 2018, 04:51:17 PM
Seems like if your NG modem is bridged, PPPoE values should be entered in to the DIR router, however it may not be needed as the modem may still be handling the PPPoE connect and thus only DHCP is needed on the DIR router. Try using DHCP instead of PPPoE and see. You should contact your ISP to see if this is true or not. They will know. Contact NG support to make sure the 7550 is correctly configured for bridge mode. They will know as well.

Can you try the following? Unbridge the ISP NG modem and configure it as your main ISP Modem and router. Let it be the PPPoE connection. Keep the same IP address pool as you have now that differs from the other unit.Then try connecting the DIR router to the modem with the WAN port. Place what IP address it gets on it's WAN port into the DMZ on the ISP Modem/router.
Does this work? It should as I've set many like this up using this method. If it does then we know both will work in this configuration and moving on to bridging the ISP modem would need to be check to ensure that configuration is correct then set up the DIR as the PPPoE connection. It could be possible that there PPPoE on the modem maybe newer and not compatible since the 632 is now Legacy equipment since it has not been updated or supported since 2013. Things can change in the time frame. Do you have access to a different ISP service by chance? Try at a friends, neighbors or families place to see if the router works with any other modems if possible

You can try this with the DIR as well if you leave the ISP modem in router mode:
Turning a router into an AP. (http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=40856.0)

I presume this is your configuration? NG ISP Modem<>DIR-632<>PC?

I corrected the one link what was broke. All other links are verified working. Thank you.

So after spending a bit with ATT support I leared that this modem supports 1000mb connection rates on the WAN/LAN ports. The DIR only supports 100Mb so there will be a bottle neck here.