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MP4 video file corrupted when emailed

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Three brand new DCS-960L's upgraded to Firmware Version v1.04.02. 
All three send corrupted MP4 video files.

Windows Media Player displays "changing media" in the top left corner then displays the "Windows Media Player cannot play the file." modal dialog.
VLC opens the file OK, plays it (indicated by progress bar) but there is no video (just the VLC icon).  Also, VLC can display file and metadata info. 

However, all three DCS-960L's can save good MP4 video files to the SD Card.  They play just fine in both WMP and VLC.

Tested this on three PC's.  I have other D-Link models which send good video files which play fine on all three PC's with both WMP and VLC.

EDIT 20171214
Should add ... confirmed the issue using completely different email services/accounts.  Also, the record from the Live Video produces a good MP4 but FTP has the same issue as Email.

I recommend that you phone contact your regional D-Link support office and ask for help and information regarding this. The US offers Chat support for consumer products at support.dlink.com. 24/7. We find that phone contact has better immediate results over using email.

Thanks, however ...  Posted here hoping D-Link would take an interest in a product issue.  However, it looks like D-Link continues perpetuating their reputation for defective IP Camera software and very poor customer service.

I'm a Systems Engineer, have used D-Link IP Cameras for years, and have done all the logical debug testing of these units from the user perspective.  I've already wasted countless hours with defective D-Link IP Camera software issues.  I don't need to waste more time hanging on the phone with D-Link support only to allow them to figure out the same thing as I have ... "been there, done that".

The only reason I keep using these D-Link IP Cameras is because when defect free, they work great.  However, the defect rate is dismal and D-Link seems to have no interest in changing the situation.  It's a real shame.

Bottom line is I've already wasted about $1000 in billing hours on these D-Link IP Cameras, and it is more cost effective to throw these in the trash and get another brand.  I just don't understand how the D-Link executive suite can allow the defective D-Link IP Camera software situation to continue.  I've used many other D-Link products which work very well and have no real issues with the software.  Sounds like the executive suite needs to make some personnel changes.

I highly recommend you phone contact D-Link support. There is 24/7 live chat support as well. This issue is new and needs to be reviewed by them. We have not seen any others with this issue that have reported it. If there is an issue D-Link will need to know about it and help you with with it and if there is a problem, they will have the means to fix it. As this issue can't be resolved here in the forums.

Good Luck.

I tested the camera on the same firmware (1.04.02) but unable to replicate the issue you are experiencing.

Tested on:
-DCS-960L A1 f/w 1.04.02
-Windows 10
-VLC 2.2.4
-Windows Media Player
-Gmail account

I used highest resolution, frame rate, and video quality on profile one.


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