• December 05, 2023, 01:36:46 PM
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Author Topic: Windows Zero Config always gives 54mbps... more problems inside.. please help!  (Read 6506 times)


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Hopefully some of the Moderators here know more than some of the D-Link Tech Support Guys! 

Ok, so, I have many issues with the dir615.  I'm using the dwa552 adapter as well.  Just got them 3 days ago.

1) Wireless connection dies out VERY frequently.  Usually reconnects within 30 seconds or so.  Sometimes power cycling the router is necessary.  What is going on here?  I've heard that the router is just unstable.  If so, I expect a firmware upgrade is in the works? (beyond 1.10, that's the one it shipped with.)

2) When using Windows to configure wireless connections, ie using WZC, the highest speed I get is 54 mbps.  When I uncheck that box, and use the software with the adapter (which by the way has disappeared since I upgraded the firmware for the dwa552 to 1.3) It does report speeds of 300mbps, with noticeable speed increase.  Sound card issues developed, music would skip like a scratched cd and my computer would freeze for a couple seconds, frequently.  I finally couldn't stand it anymore and switched back to using WZC, and went back down to 54mbps.  What is the point of having N devices that only work tolerably at G speeds?

I have read the announcement up at the top of this subforum, and I don't really understand any of it.  Any elaborations would be greatly appreciated!

3) I have read on the FAQ found on support.dlink.com that a wireless network can only operate as fast as the slowest host, is this true??!?!  For example, If you have 3 computers accessing a router that is set to b/g/n mixed, one with an N apadter, one with a G, and the thrid with a B adapter, the connection will give everyone on the network 11mbps.  I don't think this is true, and if I'm correct, I honestly think Dlink needs to revise that section of the FAQ.

Thanks!  Any replies will be much appreciated.


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What is your router security set to ?
I am pretty sure that the higher speeds are only possible with WPA2 security settings.


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I've heard that if I do that, people without N adapters will not be able to access the router at all.  Is this true?


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It all boils down to encryption. If the router is not using AES cipher, then a 300Mbps connection is not possible. Also if you are experiencing audio breakup issues, make sure you are using the latest drivers for your wireless adapter.

As for the wireless network lowerting your connection to the lowest common speed, yes it is true with the older legacy routers. (e.g. DI-524/624).
However you can still have issues like the legacy routers had if the clients that are connecting do not support the AES cipher.