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Author Topic: DNR-322L - Firmware v2.00b07 - Release Notes Posted!!!  (Read 2548 times)


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DNR-322L - Firmware v2.00b07 - Release Notes Posted!!!
« on: February 14, 2014, 09:55:38 AM »

Firmware: 2.00b07 - Date: 12/26/2013

  • [New Feature] Support push notification with D-ViewCam mobile (Android v1.2 and iOS v1.3)
  • [New Feature] Support cross browser include MS-IE, Mac Safari, Chrome with partial function (Note: the following functions are not supported in Safari and Chrome: (a) Live Viewer: Preset/E-Map/Fix Aspect Ratio/ Full screen/Auto Scan/Manual Recording/Remote IO/Logout server and (b) Playback: Smart search/Print/Backup/Image Enhancement/Logout Server
  • [New Feature] Support Win8 (Not including Metro Mode)
  • [New Feature] Support IE10
  • [New Feature] Support new IP cameras: DCS-932L/2136L/3010/3130/5010L/5020L/6513
  • [Enhancement] Add “ manual record” option for admin to enable and disable in user management
  • [Enhancement] Remove second stream hint
  • [Enhancement] Modified OSD/Region function name in snapshot dialog
  • [Enhancement] Super model enhancement (NIPCA 1.9.5)
  • [Enhancement] Extend the time out mechanism of camera UPnP search
  • [Bug Fix] DBG13010374 When I tried to use IE 10 to test , in Live Video, right click mouse on one of DCS, but the pop up window did not show correct option, please check attachment
  • [Bug Fix] DBG12090172 Save Settings icon would be grey after change the Display mode of DCS-6010L
  • [Bug Fix] DBG12070098 There is no digital signature on the tab in NVR AP.
  • [Bug Fix] DBG12060231 There Digital signature is wrong on Playback.exe after installation.
  • [Bug Fix] DBG12050172 DUT make DCS-6616 to focus near/far failed.
  • [Bug Fix] DBG12100166 IE 10 cannot work , after installing necessary component (D-LinkNVS322.cab) twice but still cannot show live view
  • [Bug Fix] DBG12090226 Convert a recording file by NVR Basic would be failed
  • [Bug Fix] DBG12090209 The web browser would be crashed when start to convert a video file
  • [Bug Fix] DBG11080015 Video quality of a exported avi file would be poorer than playback
  • [Bug Fix] DBG11100238 A warning message would popup after live view for more than 60 hours
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed email show “NVRmini” bug
  • [Bug Fix] Modify the default setting in server and AP. (Please refer to note)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the issue that error message “The format of URL login is invalid” would pop-up after user apply camera settings
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the issue that Live view/playback cannot work after enable SSL in WEB GUI
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the issue that NVR response failed for IP camera search
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the bug that DCS-5010L/5020L audio support fail
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the bug that install wizard can’t search camera
  • [Bug Fix] Security - Authentication bypass vulnerability
  • [Bug Fix] Security - Remote Unauthenticated Information Disclosure Vulnerability
  • [Bug Fix] Security - Remote unauthenticated arbitrary firmware upload vulnerability
  • [Bug Fix] Security - Remote unauthenticated Denial-of-Service Vulnerability
  • [Bug Fix] Security - Remotely create a new USER
  • [Bug Fix] Security - Remote admin password reset
  • [Bug Fix] Modify copyright format
  • [Bug Fix] Fix HTTPs (advance setting) connection issue with mydlink portal
  • [Bug Fix] Fix re-start NVR service after unplug the USB cord on a UPS
  • [Bug Fix] Fix login DUT as a new user account via HTTPS port 4433 failed and would redirect to HTTP web UI
  • [Bug Fix] Fix restart samba when change date/time, NTP setting
  • [Known Error] DCS-6010L switch current view “when display mode is 1P2R, user shall click down-left corner to switch to up-right view.”
  • [Known Error] DCS-6915 - Motion detection and IO can only trigger once when camera connects to NVR
  • [Known Error] DCS-6915 - Do not support G.726 audio codec
  • [Known Error] DCS-7413: When frame rate is 1fps, camera would disconnected with NVR easily
  • [Known Error] DCS-5605/5635: camera will reboot when switch to dual Stream
  • [Known Error] DCS-3112: Preset01 will be overwrited by Preset02, so it won’t find Preset01 when it executes Patrol
  • [Known Error] Chrome on MAC is not supported because of JAVA compatibility issue http://java.com/en/download/faq/chrome.xml
  • [Known Error] When user remotely watches video which resolution is higher than D1 on non-IE browsers, Live view would crash
  • [Known Error] When user remotely watches video which resolution is higher than D1 on MAC, it will pop-up error message. User only needs to select stream profile low/minimum for avoiding this issue

DNR-322L - Cumulative Firmware Release Notes
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