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Author Topic: [b]A FEW BASIC QUESTIONS[/b]  (Read 2588 times)


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« on: May 06, 2009, 10:27:26 AM »

1] what is the general operating temp?  I find it 107 -115.   Is 115 ok?
w/seagate 1.5TB

2] can i remove a full volume, ( JBOD setup ) install and format a new hard drive, use it and then remove that drive to re-install the original drive, when i want to access the data on that original drive.   I understand that both drives will be called the same volume and that the drive will need to be inserted in the same slot, but otherwise, will the data be intact and all the past shares be usable?   

3] Will the missing drive have created confusion in sharing new folders?

4] The USB port can be used for a printer, external drive, or UPS, correct?   Can i use a USB hub to plug one of each into the DNS 343?   

5] If the drives are set to go to standby after five minutes, does that sufficiently reduce the wear on the drives, so as to last much longer.  I am using mostly for data archiving.  Wondering if i should turn on system only when needed, or keep on?

6] If i connect a usb drive,  does the DNS 343 format and mange the discs the same way as internal drives?
Can the USB drive be moved to another DNS and be able to access data?

7] If in the future the DNS fails, but the drives are still good, what methods and machines would i be able to still access data, without having to find another DNS box?

8] If power fails, UPS dies, and then power is restored, the unit can either stay down, or come back up.
IF it is set to come back up, and the ups, not having time to recharge, again experiences a power outage, how will the sudden power loss affect the DNS, and affect the drives?   Will it most likely be ok, or serious?

9] If i wanted to duplicate the data on my 343 to another 343 at another LAN,  could i remove the drives, clone them, and insert the second set into a second unit, or must they be copied over the LAN.   I would be using a disc cloning device, not an operating system to create a mirror disc.



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« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2009, 04:58:16 PM »

1) Yes that seems to be about normal operating temperature. Mine is at 113 idling.

2) If using JBOD you do not want to remove drives. That is not the intended function of JBOD and if a drive fails you may loose data.

3) N/A

4) The USB port is designed for a Printer or UPS. External HD's are not supported.

5) It really all depends on how much use the DNS-343 gets during a work period.

6) Not supported

7) Any Linux PC should be able to handle these drives. You may also find a Windows app for this.

8) The DNS-343 will remain powered down if there is a power failure in current firmware

9) I believe that a cloned drive will work as the original however I have not personal tested this.
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« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2009, 08:35:14 AM »

2) If using JBOD you do not want to remove drives. That is not the intended function of JBOD and if a drive fails you may loose data.

ECF was entirely too kind.

you WILL lose data if a drive is removed or otherwise lost from a JBOD array.

To be specific you will lose anything stored on that disk, and (this part is speculation as I have not used the DNS personally) may have problems mounting the remainder of the array (I know it won't be easy if you drop the first disk as it would have the filesystem information on it).

JBOD provides no disk redundancy or parity whatsoever.
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