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Title: Dlink Dir820 router band problems
Post by: ttodd0450 on October 03, 2015, 05:05:52 PM
My D Link Dir820L  works fine .. but I have an issue that I wanted to clarify in this post and fix . .or understand ..

This router has duel band 2.4Ghz  and 5.0 Ghz..  both channels work and are setup for password ..  question I have is :

when I do a search for my network available and see that I am currently logged into the 2.4 channel if I log out of this area and then setup and enter the 5.0 ghz .. it logs in and I can surf the net etc .. but within seconds it will change over to the 2.4 ghz  all by itself ..  I realize the dual band router with the second band of  5 ghz  band is not as  'popular'  as my 2.4ghz   but why the switch over  ??

Reason why I am exploring this area is when I am logged in my wireless to view Netflicks thru my Blue ray player to my Big screen TV .. the signal is okay  ( seems to fluctuate  between 240p and 480p  and occasionally up to 720p) ..  all my smartphone using the same 2.4 ghz I get no internet on my phone.. its like the netflicks is 'sucking the 2.4ghz  bandwidth dry' and therefore no internet with smartphone  using ALL THE  2.4ghz to run my netflicks WIRELESS viewing  .. 
so I then switch the phone to the the second band  ( 5.0ghz)  which appears to work.. but seconds later I relaize I am back to the 2.4 band ... 

Ideas ?????
Title: Re: Dlink Dir820 router band problems
Post by: FurryNutz on October 05, 2015, 08:03:35 AM
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