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Author Topic: iSpy Agent DVR / ONVIF Device Manager / Synology Surveillance Station  (Read 4419 times)


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New member, but long time user of DCS-5020L, now upgraded to DCS-8526LH.

With the limited information on this model, please see below my discovery and final result with ONVIF in order to get local NAS storage working.
It has become a bit longer read, hopefully it is useful, even as it does not (yet) include screenshots.

Key points:
1) The pincode at the base of the unit is the fixed password for the 'admin' user;
2) There is no web-page for management/configuration;
3) Need to use application(s) that use the ONVIF api to interact with the camera, there are free options available.

My use case is not for real-time surveillance, but to track progress at a construction site by combining snapshots into a time lapse video.
The old camera was set to take a snapshot every 30min, and upload them to local NAS via FTP, for later processing into time the time lapse video.
One particular time lapse video would use the 12noon snapshots, to show daily progress, but this required additional processing/filtering of the snapshots.

The current setup with the 8526 is now using Synology Surveillance Station, on the same NAS that was the destination of the FTP upload from the old camera.
In the Surveillance Station, Smart Time Lapse is configured with two separate tasks: 1) Directly create the 30min time lapse based on 24 hour active schedule, and 2) Directly create the daily 12noon time lapse based on 30min active schedule at noon, with a 29min lapse, such that only 1 snapshot is taken.

However, the process to get to this was a bit trial-and-error:
1) Upgraded mydlink Lite to the new mydlink app to configure the 8526 without problems, using QR code at the base of the camera, joined it to my wifi network and was able to use all the camera capabilities, but no local NAS storage.

2) Installed iSpy Agent DVR (ispyconnect-dot-com) on laptop that is connected to same wifi network, not able to connect until realized the password for the 'admin' user is the pincode shown with the QR code, able to add the camera and get live video, but struggled to get the time lapse configured and maintain stable connection (over wifi).  Note that mydlink app notified immediately that another application is now managing the 8526 and stopped showing the video feed.

3) Removed the camera from Agent DVR and switched to Synology Surveillance Station, as it has 1 camera license included that was not in use.  With the username 'admin' and the pincode as password, was able to add the camera but also struggling to keep stable connection over wifi.

4) Removed the camera also from the Synology and started looking around for other tools to manage this ONVIF based camera and found the ONVIF Device Manager (sourceforge-dot-net/projects/onvifdm).  This tool scans for ONVIF cameras on the local network, and then using the same user 'admin' and the pincode as password, can connect and control more detailed settings in the 8526.  While it is not possible to control the wifi settings of the camera, the ONVIF Device Manager does allow control of the DHCP settings and configure a static IP address.  Also connected the camera with wired Ethernet cable, resulting in much more stable connection, allowing the full 2MP resolution video stream to be viewed smoothly.  The ONVIF Device Manager app also allows to set new Home preset for PTZ, rename the camera and couple of other settings.

5) Added the camera back into Synology Surveillance Station, now using the static IP address, very stable connection with the wired Ethernet cable, need to experiment further if the wifi settings is still there as fallback, in case the wired link gets disconnected.  Configured the Smart Time Lapse tasks as above.

6) Installed Synology DS Cam app on phone and am able to remotely view the camera feed, even at the full 2MP resolution over good 3G/4G mobile connection.

7) Uninstalled the mydlink app and the DCS-8526LH is purely on local network using the Synology NAS, and the only non-local access is through the DS Cam app.

The same setup can also be achieved with the iSpy Agent DVR, except the cloud/remote viewing would require a subscription, unless the video is stored on to a NAS (Synology, QNAP, etc), which would then provide the remote access as part of the NAS own capabilities.

Enjoying the much clearer image from the DCS-8526LH and already had a few good clips with the 30min time lapse, will need to wait a few days more to see the 12noon time lapse :)
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Hi tnmsignboard,

Can you help me? I have a DCS-8526LH connected to Synology Surveillanc but I have a problem, the timestamp is not correct. If I connect the camera with mydlink then this is ok, but when started Synology Surveillance the timestamp change.
I've verified the time zone in Synlogoy and this is ok.
You have the same problem?




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Hi Fran,

Sorry for delay, just had a look at my Synology setup, the timestamp in Surveillance Station is ok for me.
In the 'Edit Camera' part, select 'Optimization', then under 'Time Synchronization' can configure the "Network time server".

In my case it is set to 'Surveillance Station', which would be the Synology itself, and this works ok.
Can also press the 'Sync Now' button and then the Synology will force time update to the camera, and it would show time it forced the sync.
Note the text in the (i) tip, that if the difference in time is too big that the automatic time sync may not work, in which case enabling and scheduling a forced sync might help.

Hopefully this helping to address the issue for you.