• January 21, 2022, 10:41:59 PM
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Author Topic: nuclias container questions  (Read 1895 times)


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nuclias container questions
« on: February 01, 2021, 05:18:18 PM »


I am running nuclias Version: as a docker container on Ubuntu server.

CONTAINER ID   NAME                   CPU %     MEM USAGE / LIMIT     MEM %     NET I/O   BLOCK I/O         PIDS
3b51b531cc4d   nuclias_connect_web    0.03%     76.05MiB / 980.9MiB   7.75%     0B / 0B   684MB / 11.4MB    9
417c480a20a0   nuclias_connect_core   0.24%     235.9MiB / 980.9MiB   24.05%    0B / 0B   2.81GB / 1.54MB   72
1b5885ef9127   mongo                  0.29%     59.14MiB / 980.9MiB   6.03%     0B / 0B   3.94GB / 987MB    190

Several questions about the software:

- How can I increase the user web session time in Nuclias connect seems to be getting kicked out every 10 min ?
- How can I upload a cert with with a validity less than 7300 days?
 (Error Signature algorithm MUST be "SHA256 with RSA encryption", Key algorithm MUST be "RSA Encryption", Key length is at least 2048 bit and Validity MUST be 7300 days.)
- Is there a way to extract a profile from an unmanaged AP and import it in to nuclias so no settings are lost?