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Author Topic: DNR-312L v1.06 Build 07 FW Update - Official Release  (Read 5624 times)


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DNR-312L v1.06 Build 07 FW Update - Official Release
« on: November 23, 2016, 07:35:37 AM »

Firmware: v1.06 B07 11/22/2016
Release Notes:

Problems Fixed:
1.   Fixed the D-Lab ID: DBG16070134--Some cameras couldn't be playback (DCS-7413B1, DCS-7513, DCS-6513, DCS-6004L).
2.   On Firefox in relay mode, the lading page connection was unsuccessful.
3.   E-mail did not be sent to users when NVR met connection loss.
4.   Wrong HDD information on live page
5.   On Firefox in live page, the system info section was incorrect when there was no camera in the camera list.
6.   On Firefox and Safari in relay mode, the portal was unable to use.
7.   The video streams became black when DCS-6517 was configured to 1600x1200 or higher on main profile.
8.   Fixed D-track  HQ20160510000006: Unable to see live video from 5222L A & B version on mydlink website.
9.   Fixed the security bugs : mydlink discovery could be initiated without authentication in DNR-312L.
10.   Fixed the security bugs :mydlink credential disclosure by DNR-312L device.
11.   Fixed the security bugs :Sensitive information leak during DNR-312L device configuration.
12.   Fixed the security bugs :Backdoor in DNR-312L.
13.   Fixed the security bugs :Information leakage issues.
14.   Fixed the security bugs :Admin password disclosure and change without authentication.
15.   Fixed the security bugs :Hardcoded non-unique RSA private keys were used in HTTPS.
16.   Fixed the security bugs :Buffer overflow in LANDAP authentication handler.
17.   The 31st day on the playback calendar was unable to be highlighted when there were recorded clips.
18.   Fixed the D-track HQ20160713000004: User account unable to select channel to export video.

New Features:
1. Upgrade the mydlink agent 2.1.0-b29

1. A warning message will pop up to ask the user to reset the camera resolution, when the camera resolution is not supported and the channel displays a black
2. Resolve view window issues on DCS-6517 and specific models
3. Implement LANDAP v1.51 (for use with mobile app & setup wizard in LANDAP v1.51)
4. Update NTP Version to 4.2.8p8.
5. Update rules of correction time when synchronizing with NTP servers.
6. Support OpenSSL 1.0.2H .
7. Support Cameras: DCS-936L / DCS-2530L/ DCS-4603/ DCS-4622/ DCS-4701E/DCS-4703E/ DCS-5000L/ DCS-5030L/ DCS-6045L/ DCS-6511B / DCS-6517/ DCS-6915B/ DCS-7513B / DCS-7517.
8. Add the manual mode to get RTSP streaming for endurance test.

Known Issues:
1.  Video Clip canít export on browser of the MAC O.S. 
2.  Root cause: MAC O.S. donít have Microsoft AVI library, so it canít export AVI in MAC O.S.
3.  The NVR does not support the motion setting of DCS-2530L, DCS-4622, and DCS-4603.

Get it here:

Let us know how it works for you...
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